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PENTAX D-BG4 agarra la bateria - reemplaza

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  • Tecnología:  
  • Capacidad:  mAh
  • Voltaje:  V
  • Color:  Black
  • código de artículo: es200tpyj
  • dimensiones:132.50x75.00x42.00mm
  • peso:   400g

  • precio original: 105.64EUR
    precio actual: 78.25EUR

    El costo de embarque para cada orden es 5,99EUR.



  • Battery Grip Features:

    1) Brand New Pro Battery Grip for PENTAX K-7 DSLR Camera.
    2) Hold 6 AA batteries or 1 D-LI90 Li-ion batteries.
    3) Vertical shutter with half-press function. More comfortable vertical shooting.
    4) Buttons, body joints and retractable parts are dust-proof .
    5) Doubling the battery capacity of your camera, effectively extend your shooting time.
    6) Professional edition with functional buttons.

    Power Sources:
    (1)Battry Pack D-LI90
    (2)6 AA size batteries: lithium/Ni-MH/Alkaline batteries

  • Product Description:
    This battery grip/holder is a Pro Battery Grip for the PENTAX K-7. The functions are the same as the original PENTAX D-BG4. With this battery grip, you can use two D-LI90 lithium batteries for the camera simultaneously - one in the camera body and one in the D-BG4 - effectively doubling your shooting capacity, otherwise it also can hold 6 AA batteries, doubling the battery capacity of your camera. Vertical shutter release button on the Battery Grip makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position much easier, adding stability to the camera. Beware that the batteries should be put into the magazine before inserting the magazine into the grip!

    In this professional edition, it also comes with several other functional buttons. It will be much convenient while using. It features a depth-of-field preview switch, front and rear e-dials, buttons for exposure lock (AE-L) and auto focus (AF), as well as a green button and ISO button. It is weather-sealed to protect the battery.
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